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Various random purchases!

Here’s a bunch of randomly picked DVDs and Blu-Rays,
that I’ve purchased over the last few months.
I don’t really feel that these belong in the “Collection” catagory,
so I decided to post them here instead.

AWE releases Black Past, The Burning Moon and Premutos!

Yesterday, Another World Entertainment released three Ittenbach classics on DVD, namely Black Past, The Burning Moon and Premutos. “What’s so special about that?”, you might ask. Well, all three of them already HAVE had DVD releases in the past, but this time we’ve really hit the jackpot. Not only do all three releases feature the usual Scandinavian subtitles associated with AWE, but for the first time ever, all English speaking territories will have the opportunity to enjoy these gory flicks to the fullest extent, as there are English subtitles included. In fact, it features Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch and English subtitles. It’s a Region 2 release though, but that shouldn’t bother the overseas maniacs too much.

Check out the artwork, it’s pretty damn cool:

Get them from Absurd Online:


(Use the search function)

New Zombie Flesh Eaters (Zombi 2) T-Shirt

I bought a new T-Shirt recently, and thought I would share it on the site.
The quality is amazing, but the best part is the size of the print itself. It’s huge!

I bought it from Amazon, but there are a few different sites that sell these.
I’ll list a few here:

The House of Mysterious Secrets

DVD Display Stands (Kalmia)

I just bought a bunch of these Kalmia display stands for DVDs. I had seen them on several different collector sites, but had no idea how to obtain them. I finally found them on the German eBay though, and luckily the seller ships internationally. Check this link if you want to buy some:

If the auction has expired just check out the sellers store, or do a search for “dvd aufsteller – ständer”. There are a few other models around, although these are probably the coolest looking of the bunch.

Plastic sleeves for hardboxes = FUCKK#%&#@!

Today I got these plastic sleeves for big hardboxes. I won them off an auction on Filmundo. They’re essential if you want to keep your hardboxes in pristine condition, as over time they have a tendency to blemish or become dull, in lack of better words. To better explain the condition, here’s a photo of the cover becoming dull:

The surface is pretty much ruined, and I don’t think there’s any way of getting it back into its original shiny condition.

Another great thing about these, is that they’re made of polypropene, which makes them very flexible, and they won’t very easily tear.

Here’s a picture of the sleeve:

They fit perfectly around the hardbox, which brings me to the next point.

The thing is. Hardboxes are INSANELY difficult to fit into the sleeves. I sat for 10-15 minutes, before finally getting ONE hardbox enveloped in this piece of plastic from hell. It’s like this cruel joke that you play on your friends, “Hey, I dare you to get this piece of plastic around this DVD”. I had to take several breaks, because my temper was going through the roof. But anyway, here’s a photo of the one that I succeeded with, and trust me on this, it’s NOT coming off any time soon.

As you can see they’re really transparent, which means that you don’t have to remove them from the sleeve, unless you’re about to watch the movie. Or you could just remove the disc from the cover, and store it in a safe environment.

Also, the sleeves are sealable on the back, as seen in this picture:

It’s clearly visible that I’m not very good at this yet, as seen along the side of the sleeve.
I’ll hopefully get the hang of this sooner or later though, or maybe you’ll find that I’ve been committed to the mental asylum, because it pissed me off a tad too much.

Well, that’s the polypropene sleeves for you.  If you’re up for the challenge you should really get yourself some of these, as the plus sides make up for the negative ones.

Update: It has come to my attention, that there are other types of sleeves around.
Today I received a bunch of new ones, which feature none of the irritating issues of the other ones. The hardbox slipped right into the sleeve, with no damage to the sleeve what-so-ever.

Here’s a picture of the ones that you should buy:
(notice how the top edges are shaped differently)

And the ones that are bound to cause you pain and discomfort:

Blu-Ray problems and Bloody Moon!

A few months back I purchased a Home Cinema System, the HTS5560 from Philips. It’s been awesome so far, but recently it started acting up. The problem is, that it refuses to recognize every Blu-Ray disc that is inserted. It makes a lot of weird noises, before finally labeling it as an “Unknown Disc”. This REALLY sucks, as it’s only been in operation for two months. Even more so because I had just bought ‘An American Werewolf in London’ on Blu-Ray, made popcorn, and opened a drink, only to be presented with an “Unknown Disc” error. A huge slap in the nuts. The DVD/Blu-Ray lens cleaning disc didn’t do jack shit to fix the problem. It still plays DVDs just fine though. I guess I’ll just have to phone the store then. Bunch’a'bullshit.

Update: I sent the Blu-Ray unit to the local repair department, and I just got it back a few days ago. They changed the Blu-Ray disc drive, and now it’s functional once again.

On a more positive note, my mailbox was just blessed with the supposed cheese that is ‘Bloody Moon’. I’ve never seen this one before, but I guess you can always count on Jess Franco (more like Jizz Franco), to deliver some good eurosleaze.

Best hardbox day everrrr!

I just got my first batch of hardboxes from Filmundo.
These are really cool, a lot of LIM84′s in between.
I’ll be uploading the usual close-up pictures later today.