Guinea Pig – Devil’s Experiment (Custom T-Shirt)

I received this from the printer the other day, and I’m really happy how this one turned out!
I put this design together a good while ago, so it was awesome finally seeing it in real life.

If the quality of the print turns out to be good, I’ll be ordering a lot more in the future,
as I’ve got tons of other designs ready to go.

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There are 2 Comments to "Guinea Pig – Devil’s Experiment (Custom T-Shirt)"

  • Amanda says:

    Did you ever make more of these to sell??

  • Peter says:

    Hey Amanda

    No, I only had one of them made, unfortunately.
    It didn’t really come out too well, either, as the print just started to peel off.
    To have them done professionally would be pretty expensive, as I would need to order a lot of them.

    Kind regards,
    - Peter

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