Want List

This is a list of releases that I’m looking for.
If you’ve got duplicate copies of some of these, or want to sell your own copy,
just give me a heads up at the CONTACT PAGE.
I’m not interested in releases of the same movie on different labels.
Only in the exact release specified.

The Hills Have Eyes (Scanbox – Danish R2)
*Only the version with this cover*

Children of the Corn V (Scanbox – Danish R2)

Piranha II – The Spawning (Danish R2)

American Samurai (Scanbox – Interscandinavian/Danish R2)

Bloodsport IV (On-Air-Video – Danish R2)
*I’m not sure if this exists, but the cover should look very similar*

FunnyMan (Funnyman Films – UK R0)

Kickboxer II (Scanbox/Jupiter – Danish R2)

TC 2000 (RCV Home Entertainment – Dutch R2)

The Blob [1988] (Nordisk Film – Danish R2)

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  • Brandon says:


    I would LOVE the Wizard of Gore hardbox, if you would like to do a trade or sell it



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