The Hills Have Eyes (Big Hardbox)

Cover B – Limited to 99 copies.
With leather foil.

DellaMorte DellAmore (Big Hardbox)

Cover B – Limited to 111 copies.

Hardboiled III (Big Hardbox)

Limited to 111 copies.

The Hills Have Eyes (Trilogy) (Big Hardboxes)

The trilogy in big hardboxes, housed in a great quality slipcase.
Limited to 500 copies.

Waxwork (Big Hardbox)

Cover A – Limited to 222 copies.

Rossa Venezia (Monsterbox)

Limited monsterbox with Andreas Bethmann’s signature on the front.
Included is a t-shirt and a big poster.

Zombie IV – After Death (Big Hardbox)

Manhattan Baby (Small Hardbox)

Limited to 222 copies.

Phantasm I – IV (Anchor Bay Digipack)

Large digipack – Including outer cover with hologram image

Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2 (Book of the Dead Editions)

DVD’s housed in a soft rubber bound book!

Evil Dead inside:

Evil Dead 2 inside: