Scre4m/Scream 4 (Blu-Ray/DVD Box with Mask)

Thriller: A Cruel Picture (Korean DVD)

Korean DVD with slipcase.

Return of the Living Dead (Big Hardbox)

Cover C – Limited to 111 copies.
This release comes with a piece of paper covering the outer cover
(as seen in the last two photos)

Jaws (Dødens Gab) – Poster

Danish poster, from the recent screening of the newly restored HD transfer.
This was shown at June 25th, in a select number of theaters around Denmark.
This is the poster from BioCenter, Kolding.
It measures 70 x 100 cm (the same as a US one-sheet)

Zombi 2/Zombie Flesh Eaters (Vinyl LP)

The classic soundtrack for this Italian zombie experience,
released by Death Waltz Recording Company. This release is limited to 300 copies,
and comes with a double-sided 12″ insert with artwork, printed record sleeve,
and an A2 poster, as well as the vinyl itself, which is pressed in a clear/red splatter pattern.

Guinea Pig – The Complete Series (Devil Pictures Boxset)

Boxset from Devil Pictures containing all of the Guinea Pig-movies.
8 DVDs in seperate keepcase covers.
Huge poster.
T-shirt in size XL.
Limited to 3000 handnumbered copies.

Evil Dead (Big Hardbox)

Hardbox release by T.U.T – The Union Television.
Cover D – Limited to 1000 copies.

Black Devil Doll (Big Hardbox)

Hardbox release by 8-Films.
Cover B – Limited to 88 copies.

The Burning Moon (VHS)

VHS release by Intervision Picture Corp. & Mondo Video.
Limited to 340 copies.

Necronos: Tower of Doom (Signature Edition)

Signature Edition released by Dark Entertainment.
Limited to 99 copies.
The front cover is signed by Luna B.

- 3 photo lobby cards
- Huge poster, signed by Marc Rohnstock